The Hybrid Commercial Vehicle (HCV) project aims to develop urban buses and delivery vehicles with advanced second generation of energy efficient hybrid electric powertrains.

General desctription

Hybrid Commercial Vehicle (HCV) is a FP7 EU-funded initiative for reducing the emission of climate gases and other emissions in urban areas. Commercial vehicles stand for a not insignificant part of pollution in todays city environments and hybridisation of said applications can to a large degree decrease the emitted substances. Electric hybrids have so far shown a large potential, however the commercial success is heavily dependant on both the cost and benefits.

The HCV project aims to enhance the further reduce fuel consumption and to decrease the cost of a hybrid system.

Test methods, certification procedures and subsystems will be further developed and the market opportunities and barriers for hybrid commercial vehicles will be evaluated in conjunction with commercial vehicle operators in a user forum.

The different hybrid technologies will be demonstrated in four vehicles from four different manufacturers throughout large parts of Europe and evaluated in real life situations.

The project consists of 18 partners and includes both large vehicle manufacturers and large companies in the vehicle industry, as well as institutes, universities and smaller companies.

SP1000 Coordination and User forum

The project is organised into six parts

  • SP1000 Coordination and User forum
  • SP2000 Auxiliaries for comfort, chassis and powertrain
  • SP3000 Electric Energy Storages
  • SP4000 Advanced generation hybrid bus development
  • SP5000 Advanced generation hybrid truck development
  • SP6000 Drive cycles, market study and demonstration

The overall project management and administration aims to keep the project together and make sure that all goals are met within time.

The User forum consists of operators of commercial vehicles that will investigate market barriers and opportunities

The Coordination effort is lead by Volvo and the coordinator is Sara Erkfeldt (contact info below).

Sara Erkfeldt
Volvo Technology AB
Sven Hultins Gata 9d
41288 Göteborg
+46 (31) 3220989
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The core group that is taking care of the project consists of all SP leaders including the coordinator.

  • SP1000 Sara Erkfeldt, Volvo (Coordinator)
  • SP2000 Damir Horvat, AVL
  • SP3000 Mario Conte, ENEA
  • SP4000 Peter Gollungberg, Volvo
  • SP5000 Giorgio Mantovani, ALTRA
  • SP6000 Bram de Jong, DAF

Info master is Sara Erkfeldt. Contact info master regarding issues with this website.
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