The Hybrid Commercial Vehicle (HCV) project aims to develop urban buses and delivery vehicles with advanced second generation of energy efficient hybrid electric powertrains.

Participants of the HCV consortium.

The project consists of 18 partners and includes both large vehicle manufacturers and large companies in the vehicle industry, as well as institutes, universities and smaller companies.

1 VOLVO Sweden empty
2 ALTRA Italy empty
3 AIT Austria empty
4 AVL Austria empty
5 BOSCH Germany empty
6 CERTH Greece empty
7 CRF Italy empty
8 DAF Netherland empty
9 KOLLMORGEN Sweden empty
10 DIMAC Italy empty
11 ENEA Italy empty
12 IVECO Italy empty
13 MAGNA Steyr Battery Systems Austria empty
14 Univ. Pisa Italy empty
15 IDMEC Portugal empty
17 SOLARIS Poland empty
18 TNO Netherlands empty
19 VEOLIA France empty
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