The Hybrid Commercial Vehicle (HCV) project aims to develop urban buses and delivery vehicles with advanced second generation of energy efficient hybrid electric powertrains.

Project Final report, publishable

HCV Final report, September 2015.

Publications and presentations

M. Ceraolo, "State-Of-Charge evaluation of supercapacitors for usage in hybrid vehicles", European Electric Vehicle Congress, Brussels, Belgium, December, 2014

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Presentations at the HCV Final workshop in Göteborg May 14, 2014

Sara Erkfeldt, "Agenda and introduction"

Anders Kroon, "Volvo hybrid vehicle history"

Stefan Baguette, "Solaris Bus & Coach in the Hybrid Commercial Vehicle project"

Bram de Jong, "DAF - Hybrid truck field test"

Klaus Grieshofer, "Magna HCV overview"

Giancarlo Trotti, "Dimac Red - Ultracapacitor integration on hybrid powertrain"

Walter Ferraris, "CRF - Innovative air conditioning for hybrid and electric vehicles"

Lars Landin, "Kollmorgen - Hybrids for the future, reducing cost and improving efficiency"

Project deliverables

D1300.4, HCV Website, January 2011.

D1400.1, Report on market obstacles and strategies, October 2012.

D2100.4, Development targets, November 2012.

D2200.1, Technology evaluation report for auxiliaries for e-A/C, e-compressor and e-heating, April 2013.

D2300.1, Technology evaluation report for electrical actuated mechanical brakes and electrically powered steering servo, May 2013.

D2400.1, Technology evaluation report of auxiliaries for electric fan, high power generator and electrified control of crankcase emissions, May 2013.

D2400.5, Technology evaluation report for diesel engine aftertreatment system, June 2013.

D2500.1, Decision matrix, June 2013.

D2500.2, Implementation report, June 2013.

D3100.2, Electrical test plan for Li batteries, March 2014.

D3100.3, Electrical test plan for SC, March 2014.

D3100.4, Abuse Test plan for Li batteries and SC, September 2010.

D3100.5, Modeling test matrices for Li batteries and SC, November 2012.

D3200.4, Final technical report on electrical tests on SC, June 2014.

D3200.5, Preliminary model definition for Li cell, May 2013.

D3200.6, Preliminary model definition for SC, June 2013.

D3200.7, Algorithm for Li cell, May 2013.

D3200.8, Algorithm for SC, March 2015.

D3400.3, 1st Assembly of SC modules, October 2012.

D3400.4, 2nd Assembly of SC modules, June 2013.

D3400.10, Model validation for Li modules, October 2013.

D3400.11, Model validation for SC modules, March 2015.

D4100.1, Logging for emissions and fuel consumption, October 2011.

D4200.5, Report of study of the HILS method, October 2011.

D4400.3, Report of hybrid effects on emissions, noise and fuel consumption, June 2015.

D6100.2, Report concerning standard component dimensioning classes, August 2012.

D6100.1, Report concerning drive cycles, June 2014.

D6200.1, Specification of testing standard for high-voltage components, November 2012.

D6200.4, Implementation of extended communication protocol in the simulation platform, April 2013.

D6300.1, Report on safety topics with respect to hybrid commercial vehicles, July 2012.

D6300.2, Communication protocol for 2nd generation HD hybrids, October 2012.

D6400.1, Report concerning demonstration activity results and analysis, March 2013.

D6400.2, Demonstration promotion and press materials, May 2013.

Posters and leaflets

HCV poster from EUCAR Conference - Brussels, Belgium, November 2014.

HCV video from TRA2014, Paris, France, April 2014.

HCV poster from EVS27 - Barcelona, Spain, November 2013.

HCV poster from EUCAR Conference - Brussels, Belgium, November 2013.

HCV poster from EUCAR Conference - Brussels, Belgium, November 2012.

ICNMMCS Torino 2012 poster

HUF poster from TRA2012 - Athens, Greece, May 2012.

HCV poster from EUCAR Conference - Brussels, Belgium, November 2011.

HCV poster from EUCAR Conference - Brussels, Belgium, November 2010.

HCV Logo

The logo can be downloaded here in small, medium or large format.

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