The Hybrid Commercial Vehicle (HCV) project aims to develop urban buses and delivery vehicles with advanced second generation of energy efficient hybrid electric powertrains.

Sub-Project 2000 - Electrification of auxiliaries

Auxiliaries require a significant amount of energy and, consequently, CO2 emissions through a fuel consumption penalty. Several studies and projects have shown the potential for fuel consumption reduction by electrification of auxiliaries.

The main objectives of this sub-project are the definition, adaptation and optimization of the auxiliary technology for particular applications under consideration of vehicle boundaries and interfaces, and control functions.

The following electrification of auxiliaries is proposed in this project:

  • Passenger comfort functions
    • Electric air-conditioning (e-A/C)
    • Electric air compressor
    • Electric heating
  • Chassis auxiliaries
    • Electric actuated braking
    • Electric parking brake
    • Electric steering
  • Powertrain auxiliaries
    • Electric fan
    • High power generator
    • Electric exhaust after treatment system (DPF)
    • Recovery of exhaust heat of the engine
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